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 We want to be your sign company.    Since 1971, we have created effective advertising for Longo Toyota,  Disney Concert Hall, Roger Penske Enterprises, Auto Club Speedway, and thousands of restaurants, city governments, school districts, auto dealers, churches, and small businesses in California.

About Signs

Today it seems everyone with a computer is a “Graphic Designer”.  A good example of this is the explosion of vehicle wraps on cars and trucks.  The next time you see a vehicle drive by with its rainbow of color, you think, “That’s what I want to get people’s attention!” Now try to remember what was advertised.  Quite often, the “designer” has overpowered the message in the zeal to use every tool in Photoshop: fades, special effects, logos and text galore.  The prominence of the product or service advertised is lost or rendered ineffective.  

vehicle wrap leftside.png

Often, a full vehicle wrap on a van can cost $3000 to $5000.  Many times, a cleaner, simpler design would achieve a better advertising effect for the customer for much less, $500 to $1000.

At Smitty’s Signworks, we have been designing and producing quality signs for almost 50 years.  These include billboards one hundred feet above freeways to trucks, vans, helicopters, motorcycles, gold leaf on glass, banners, boats, buildings, and many others.  You name it, we have probably lettered it!  Each requires a different design expertise.

Xsmall vehicle wrap.png
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